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Studying made Simple. Save Time! Study Smarter, not Harder!

We help aspiring personal trainers become certified fitness professionals. We value your time and will help you make the most of it. Our Study Guides, Audio Prep, and Blogs highlight the knowledge and skills required to pass the leading certification exams.



Our Story...

My name is Daniel Hile and I'm the founder of CPT Prep. The idea for CPT Prep started with a simple question that I asked myself after taking my first personal trainer exam...

What would have been helpful for me while I was preparing?


That one question sent me down a path of compiling my notes, researching, and attempting to distill down the key information required to become a certified personal trainer. Every product that we have made and each blog that I have written has that same original goal in mind.

Inspire change for the better by joining the community of certified fitness professionals. We are dedicated to your success and here to support along your journey to becoming certified. If you have any questions or would like a topic covered in more detail please send us an e-mail

~ CPT Exam Prep Team

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