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ACE Certified Personal Trainer Exam Prep

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The content in this study guide references the latest American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Manual, 5th Edition presented in an easy to read format that helps to comprehend & retain the information. This study guide is organized in the following four performance domains:

Domain I: Interviews & Assessments
Domain II: Program Design & Implementation
Domain III: Program Modification & Progression
Domain IV: Professional Conduct, Safety, & Risk Management

* Includes "Key Concepts" with required information needed for the exam.
* Includes quick reference pages for helpful Resources, Formulas, Conversions, and Acronyms.
* Includes 50 practice questions to further enhance knowledge & to have an idea of what the
actual exam will look like.
* Includes detailed practice question answers with explanations on how the answers were
* Includes detailed descriptions of assessments, the heart, muscles, nutrition, term definitions,
training modalities and more.

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