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A concise study guide that highlights the information required to pass the CSCS Exam to become a certified strength & conditioning coach. The content in this study guide is presented in an easy to read format that helps to comprehend & retain the information. This study guide is organized in the following six performance domains:

Scientific Foundations
Domain 1: Exercise Science – 74%
Domain 2: Nutrition – 26%
Recall: 33% / Application: 54% / Analysis: 13%

Practical / Applied
Domain 1: Exercise Technique – 35%
Domain 2: Program Design – 35%
Domain 3: Organization & Administration – 12%
Domain 4: Testing & Evaluation – 18%
Recall: 19% / Application: 49% / Analysis: 32%


* Includes required information organized by domain to help comprehend & retain the information.

* Includes quick reference pages for Areas of Focus, Required Charts, Formulas & Conversions

   that are required for exam.
* Includes 100 practice questions to further enhance knowledge and to have an idea of what the

   actual exam will look like.
* Includes detailed practice question answers with explanations on how the answers were 

* Includes helpful reference links for additional study resources.

CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Exam Prep

  • This is a digital PDF version that contains clickable links to other resources and can be viewed on a smart phone, computer or printed out.

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