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Embrace the Resistance

Resistance shows up in many forms in our lives. There is physical resistance (such as playing sports, running a marathon, doing a hard work out, anything that we must overcome physically). Then there is mental resistance which is often times much harder to face than the physical. This mental resistance is driven by fear and uncertainty. We instinctively search for certainty and comfort in our lives to avoid these things. The fear of change, failure, adversity, being judged by others, and the list goes on. Most of us much rather stay in our comfort zones and avoid doing the things that make us “uncomfortable”.

The world around us is constantly changing; it’s chaotic and full of uncertainty so we must rely on our inner certainty. This comes from our principles and a strong character. This inner certainty can help us push through the inevitable resistance that will come our way. We must move towards this resistance, embrace our fears, and seek to get out of our comfort zones to find out who we really are and what we are capable of. It’s the only way we can truly learn and grow as people. This is accomplished by challenging ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Consistently living our lives this way will feed our belief and allow us to achieve things we never thought possible. We must first believe and then take action towards achievement to make it a reality.

Go forth in your life from this day on truly embracing the resistance that comes your way, the stronger the resistance the bigger the reward that lies on the other side. . .



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