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Effort Over Outcome

“The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today... The whole future lies in uncertainty: Live Immediately!” - Seneca

Setting goals is a great way to give ourselves direction and purpose. However focusing too much on the outcome sets expectation that can leave us anxious, stressed & unfulfilled. In order to accomplish things that we set out for ourselves we must put forth 100% effort focusing on the small tasks at hand, the daily routines, the consistent action that will bring us closer to the goals set. In order to put out maximal effort we must be in the present moment which is the only thing we have control over. The past & the future are out of our control but making the right choices in each moment can bring the future we desire. Focusing on the present puts us in control of our lives & empowers us to block out the noise (fear of failure, worrying about what others think, and comparing ourselves to others).

Embrace this mindset of focusing on the effort and the process instead of the outcome. It will leave you happier, more fulfilled and better serve you in life.



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